Oomba Founder Michael Williams Offers These Tips For People Looking to Excel at Esports

Oomba Michael Williams

September 2, 2021

Oomba Michael Williams Offers These Tips For People Looking to Excel at

Michael Williams Offers These Tips For People Looking to Excel at Esports

Aspiring to be a professional gamer? Let’s see what industry expert Oomba Michael Williams has to say.

Want to excel at esports? Just like any sport, it usually takes a lot of practice to become a pro gamer. While some people are naturally gifted in any given sport, most have to work hard and train. That’s why Oomba Michael Williams is going to share some insights for improving your game.

“Right off the bat, the first thing you need to understand is that esports isn’t all fun and games,” Michael Williams notes. “Videogames are fun. So too is a pickup game of basketball. But no matter the sport, if you want to excel, you’ll have to work hard for it.”

Many people and especially younger folks dream of becoming a pro-NBA player, football player, or professional esports player. Daydreams themselves can offer a nice break from reality. Yet very few people will ever enter the upper echelons of any given sport.

You may have what it takes to become a pro esports player, but nothing is guaranteed, and you’ll have to hone your skills. Starting early helps.

“Many of the best esports players began playing videos when they were very young,” Michael Williams points out. “If you want to become a top esports player, the time to start was yesterday. That said, even if you’re a bit older, you might be able to break in.”

Oomba Founder Michael Williams Talks About Focusing Your Efforts

So how do you begin training for video games? It’s smart to focus on a genre, and also a few specific games. If you want to become a top first-person shooter (FPS) gamer, you’ll need to spend a lot of time playing first-person shooters.

Michael Williams, who founded Oomba, argues that it’s also wise to pick one game at a time to focus on:

“A competitive Halo match is very different from a competitive Call of Duty match,” Michael Williams says. “The basics are the same, but the intricacies are quite different. Tactics and methods that work in Halo might not work in Call of Duty and vice-versa.”

This doesn’t mean you have to spend all of your time on a single game. Playing different games in the same genre may help you improve the same skills. A new game might also provide you with a different perspective. Still, you’ll have to pick a few games to focus on. This way you can learn the ins and outs of competitive play.

“You’ll need to keep yourself fresh too,” Michael Williams argues. “If you’re burned out on Call of Duty, taking a few days away is smart. You might set down the controller completely, for a couple of days, or you could play Halo or another game. But if you want to excel at Call of Duty, you’re going to have to get back into it.”

Besides playing video games, you should also read up on forums dedicated to games to learn new strategies and skills. A lot of players, including pros, will share insights.